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Although Facebook might not exactly hold the same buzz today as it did a couple years ago, it still boasts of the most monthly active users at around 2.9 billion people according to Wikipedia. With the likes of Youtube’s 2.2 billion and WhatsApp’s 2 billion following closely behind. This traffic has in the past brought about many means of monetization of its users. From Affiliate marketing, to running ads, to drop shipping items, to more recently – in-stream ads for content creators on Facebook. All to make a couple bucks on Facebook. But like everywhere else, making money on Facebook isn’t without its challenges. And so in this video, I’m going to teach you using one of these money making methods I mentioned, how To Earn $520 On Facebook Today.

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Have you ever heard about Creativelive? This is a platform where you can simply do what you love. Creativelive is a platform that offers you the chance to learn the skills you need to live your dreams in career, hobby, and life.

You can make money by linking your audience to great content. Affiliate partners provide an audience seeking creative education and the potential to make a profession from their skill. For every eager to learn person you drive onto this amazing platform, you would get a whopping 30% revenue share.

Logging onto Facebook, head over to the top left bar and type in your keyword, and filter by groups. You would see thousands of available groups with enthusiasts to market to.

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